STAC INC "Assembly Solutions"
History of STAC, Inc.
STAC was incorporated in 1976 as an industrial and construction wholesale distributor. The original stockholders were Lee Heemink and Tom Lockett. STAC had a construction supply store to handle the walk-in trades. The original Vendors were 3M Adhesives and Tapes, Bostic Sealants, Permagile epoxies, and various construction related products. In 1986, Tom Lockett sold his interest in the company to Lee & gLoria Heemink.
As industry changed, STAC closed the construction store and began to focus more on products relating to OEM assembly. STAC still maintains quality service to the construction trades, maintenance organizations, and government agencies. STAC gained most of its significant growth through OEM assembly customers by adding new products and an expanding vendor base. STAC now handles products from many manufacturers (e.g., several 3M industrial divisions, Gesipa Fasteners, Industrial Rivet & Fastener, Textron Fastening Systems, several other fastener manufacturers, Henkel/Loctite Adhesives, Imperial Adhesives, Permacel, PSI Sealants, Swift Adhesives, United Coatings and other specialty manufacturers). Extensive “on-site & hands-on” experience has driven STAC to attain the high level expertise needed to help our customers find efficient and quality assembly solutions in various applications from adhesives to custom mechanical fasteners.
In 1992, Gary Kemmer signed an agreement to purchase STAC. In May 2000, Gary Kemmer became 100% stockholder. In September 2000, STAC adopted the company slogan "Assembly Solutions” to better identify what we provide our customers. Today, we continue to focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing options and solution paths to meet their special needs and provide opportunities for production cost savings.